Is there street art in Rockland, Maine?

Everywhere I go I look for street art.  Most of the time when I ask if there is street art in the area I get an answer of no or I don’t know.  Not the case in Rockland, Maine though!  What I didn’t know about this seaside town is that it is known as the art capital of Maine!  There are numerous museums such as Farnsworth, the Olsen House and Center for Maine Contemporary Art all in and near Rockland, Maine.  So the answer is yes, there is street art in Rockland Maine.  Let’s get to where to find street art in Rockland, Maine!

walking by mural street art in Rockland Maine

Huge murals make incredible backdrops for photos!

Farnsworth Museum

Right at the front door to the Farnsworth Museum is a beautiful mural that wraps around the side of the building.

street art mural in Rockland Maine at museum

This is actually a vinyl mural! Beautiful portrait of Andrew Wyeth by Anneli Skaar.

The Farnsworth also supports street art in Rockland by collaborating with Alexis Iammarino a local mural art instructor.  Farnsworth’s education department has a summer mural arts program that is creating public art projects with Alexis Iammarino and a visiting mural artist.  The murals are found in Rockland and surrounding towns, here is a map to find them.

Street art in Rockland Maine by Alexis Iammarino

Great nautical theme street art in Rockland, Maine!

We were able to find some of the murals but others are a mystery.

Oceanside High School

mural in Rockland Maine high school

Students get to see these great murals from Alexis Iammarino every day!

students painting mural at Rockland Maine Oceanside High School

Hard at work! Photo credit Alexis Iammarino

Mural at Oceanside High School Rockland Maine

Flanagan Community Center YMCA

We went into the YMCA not to get a work out but to see another mural by Alexis Iammarino.  Unfortunately voting was taking place inside so we could not photograph this great mural, added to our list to see on a return visit!

street art mural at Flanagan Community Center YMCA Rockland Maine

Image of mural from Alexis Iammarino, photo credit to her.

250 Main Hotel

A town known as the art capital of Maine also has the perfect place for any art lover to stay.  250 Main Hotel is a perfectly located boutique hotel with an artistic flair.  Heading up the stairs to enjoy complimentary wine you will be greeted with inspirational quotes each stairway.

Inspiring staircase at 250 Main Hotel Rockland Maine

Featuring local artists the art decorating 250 Main Hotel changes, another reason to come back!  Art is everywhere and there is even a hidden piece of street art.  From a room on the ? third floor and from the employee laundry room a beautiful penguin mural is visible.  The mural was created by Orlando Johnson and it symbolizes how the staff works together as emperor penguins do.  I loved the industrial decor of 250 Main but the staff that went above and beyond to share this special mural is what made this hotel shine for me!

Always more to see!

Rockland Maine is not done sharing art, it is clear we need to visit again and often to see the latest murals, art exhibits and beauty of this artsy seacoast town!

street art in Rockland Maine puffin and ocean scene

Head to the water to find this cute mural!


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