Visiting new destinations always offers the chance to meet new people, experience the local atmosphere, and of course see new street art.  Returning home, it’s always so much fun to share the wonderful art we always manage to find.  For the latest post, we thought we would ask some of top bloggers and travel writers to share some of their picks for best street art around the world.  Here are their picks for best street around the world.  Enjoy!

Stephanie from The World As I See It

One of my favourite pieces of street art can be found in my hometown of Toronto, Canada. Toronto is full of incredible and diverse street art around every corner and in nearly every neighbourhood. My favourite piece of street art is located in Mid-Town, just off of Yonge Street, on St. Clair Avenue West. You’ll have to look way up as it’s situated on the side of a tall building. The artist, Pleghm, is one of the world’s top street art artists, and one of my favourites too.

Pleghm was born in North Wales, and while his work can be found across the globe, most of it is in the UK. Most of his work is made up of strange figures and shares a narrative structure. He was chosen to create a piece for the western wall of the 12 story building. And his creation, named City Man, 8 stories high, is in the shape of a crouching man. But the brilliance of it is that the entire image expertly reflects Toronto itself. Every inch of the image showcases not only all of Toronto’s iconic sights but also its diverse neighbourhoods.

More street art in Toronto from Stephanie

Best Toronto street art by The World As I See It


Nicole of Third Eye Mom

This mural is painted at 26th Street and Hennepin Ave South in Minneapolis by Rock Martinez

There has never been any public figure so dearly beloved by Minnesotans as Prince. The shocking news of his death in April of 2016 brought my hometown to its knees, raining purple tears and bursting into all night dance celebrations in remembrance of the enigmatic super star that put our amazing state on the world map.

Growing up, I will never forget when Prince’s album and subsequent movie “Purple Rain” came out in the early 80s. We all loved Prince and knew every word to every one of his song’s by heart. When I first caught wind of the stunning mural of Prince going up only a few miles away from my home in Southwest Minneapolis I knew I had to go see it. It was a running Spring day in April and when I arrived at the mural, I was the only one there. I felt like he was crying purple tears. I have seen a lot of murals around the world but perhaps seeing one so close to home and with so much nostalgia for my childhood, this mural happens to be my favorite of all. It is a reminder that life is fleeing and we must truly embrace every single moment that we can.

Best Minnesota Street Art of Prince by Third Eye Mom


Debbie of Food Guru

SF Mission District is known for its Latin influence in food, culture, art, and music. Precita Eyes, is a non-profit organization in the Mission District which leads mural walking tours while sharing stories of both the artist and their works of art. Also, Precita Eyes’ muralists are commissioned locally and around the world. At the Mission District’s epicenter, is a narrow, private street called Balmy Alley where you’ll see colorful murals illustrating the stories and struggles of past and present day immigrants.

Picture this, just a few blocks away from Balmy Alley is Latin musician and producer, Richard Segovia’s house, and it is completely covered with nearly 100 soulful portraits of legendary Latin rock n’ roll artist. Through Precita Eyes, talented youth artists were commissioned for this project. This is my favorite and am huge fan of this specific street art because it portrays these musical greats; furthermore, it’s an eye-popping, whimsical piece juxtaposed in a quiet, residential neighborhood. How ironic that while admiring the artistic feat we could hear the sound of music echoing from the studio within the house.

Read about Debbie’s road trip from San Francisco to Seattle!

Best San Francisco street art by Food Guru


Meg of Mapping Megan

I love this mural of a latin woman by street artist Kode, for how vibrant and full of life it is. Latin women are usually hyper-sexualized so I appreciated this mural for portraying a colorful personality without suggesting that women are only beautiful as objects.

Santiago is one of the best cities in the world for colorful street art, and there’s no better neighborhood to visit than Barrio Bellavista. Colorful murals line the streets of Bellavista, and you don’t really need a plan to find the murals, you just need to wander.Many shop owners actually hire muralists to create scenes to make their shops more attractive to passers by. You’ll findwork by Calle Loreto, Dardignac and Antonia López de Bello, and many other unknown budding artists.

As you make your way through the neighborhood, saunter down to the river banks – street art has taken over this area too!


Best street art in Santiago provided by Mapping Megan

Saxon of Thirty Summers

I couldn’t bring myself to choose just ‘one’ favourite piece of street art but I have made the tough decisions and come up with my fav artist at least. But boy it was close. I am blessed to live in one of the most incredible street art cities in the world – Melbourne, Australia – and had plenty to choose from. Damien Mitchell, Kaff’eine, Adnate and scores of others. But in the end I chose a piece from the amazing Rone.

Rone did his first ‘mega’ wall in Miami in 2013 and since then the size of his works and reputation have grown remarkably. I was lucky enough to interview him back in 2017. And along with being an incredible artist and epic talent you can throw in humble and laid back guy too. Or in other words – an Aussie 😉

I adore this work by him. His works are exclusively of beautiful woman and the most intensity – at least to me – lies in those eyes. This was one of his earliest works to appear around Melbourne and is still alive & kicking today in a suburb called Collingwood! The streets tend to respect greatness.

Best street art in Australia by the artist Rone

Nicolette of Culture With Travel

This piece can be found in Bushwick Art Collective, Brooklyn by Dasic Fernandez

A few months ago, I revisited the Bushwick Art Collective in Brooklyn with a group of new travel friends. We had a great time exploring the area and looking at the different works of art around us. The collective in Bushwick, Brooklyn highlights some incredible street art and is worth venturing to on a trip to NYC. These street artists not only create stunning murals, but the art often has a powerful message behind it. I selected this particular piece because of its many layers, vibrant colors and attention to detail. When you stand in front of it, it leaves an impact and makes you think about its meaning.

Best New York City street art by Dasic Fernandez


Adam and Kelly of Destination Addict

This piece as well as many others around the city of Bogota, Colombia has all the hallmarks of the artist Gauche with his indigenous flair and bright bold colours.

Situated on the square Chorro De Quevedo in Bogota old town this was our favourite piece that we saw in and around the city. The mural combines ancestral imagery, geometric bold shapes, blends of colour, hidden images, amazing detail and is definitely a piece to admire.

When stood in front of it you really do feel like you are truly looking at a real person feeling her gaze, as well as everything connected to her in the mural. Looking closer you can see how Gauche has incorporated corn, the sun, claws on an animal as well as many other images that are left to the imagination or interpretation.

Gauche works can also be found all over the world in places such as Europe and Paraguay.
If visiting Bogota we would highly recommend The Bogota Graffiti Tour as it is a great experience to learn all about the work of Gauche and many other amazing graffiti artists in and around Bogota.

Best street art in Bogota, Colombia by the artist Gauche

Ali of Wandering Feline

This portrait of an indigenous woman by Colombian street artist, Carlos Trilleras is my favourite piece of street art. She is from the Wayuu Tribe – a community who live in La Guajira desert and are known as the people of the sun, sand and wind. I love the detail in her face and the reflection in her eyes. To me, she looks strong and determined, and the lines around her mouth suggest experience and wisdom. I find her image to be beautiful and inspiring. The use of colour is striking and I like the way the paint drips down from her necklace. Whenever I see this picture I think of the vibrant experiences I had throughout Latin America. You will find this mural in La Candelaria – Bogota’s city centre. Grafitti was decriminalised in this artsy barrio in 2011, and as a result the area is teeming with urban art of all shapes and sizes.

Best street art by the artist Carlos Trilleras


Susan of Gen X Traveler

Valaraiso, Chile is known for its street art. The proliferation of it is vast and the styles vary tremendously. With so much to look at, it is difficult to select just one as a favorite. However, one mural comes to mind for me whenever I think about Valpo’s street art. Perhaps it stands out because it was close to where I stayed. I would pass this piece daily as I trekked up and down the hill to and from my loft overlooking the city and port. However, I think there is more to it. I love the grit. The fact that it is painted on corrugated metal and is airbrushed to look reminiscent of the early spray paint graffiti grabs my attention. Her bright colors attract me. I love her sly eye, full lips and fluttering eyelashes. But most of all I love her because she is sexy, sexy, sexy!!

Susan shares more about the art in Valaraiso, Chile

Best street art in Chile by the artist Valpo


Stefan and Sebastien of Nomadic Boys

One of our favourite places for street art is Valparaiso- the cultural capital of Chile. It’s particularly famous for its super cool street art, which is so famous that the city’s Historic Quarter was made a UNESCO World Heritage site in 2003.

There are many famous street art murals you need to look out for, such as the giant keyboard over a flight of stairs, or Pablo Neruda’s verses carved across an alleyway and more. Come here with your camera ready to fill your Instagram feed.

Pablo Neruda is the famous Nobel prize winning Chilean poet who inspired much of the street art here from his beautiful verses. He had several houses across Chile, but his La Sebastiana house in Valparaiso is one of his most famous, mainly due to his love for this quirky and fascinating city.

We highly recommend visiting Valparaiso if you’re in Chile – it’s super cool, and the street art here will definitely impress and fascinate you.

Read more about Valparaiso from Stefan and Sebastien

Best street art by Valparaiso of piano stairs


Barbara of Hole in the Donut Cultural Travel

In the beginning, I hated street art. I thought tagging – the act of painting ones initials on a wall – should be outlawed. But over time, street art evolved and so did I. Today I seek it out wherever I travel. The best location collection of street art I have ever seen is in the Stokes Croft neighborhood in the city of Bristol, England, which is home to the UK’s largest permanent street art project, “See No Evil.” My favorite piece is “The Mild Mild West,” a political statement by the famous graffiti artist known as Banksy. The painting of a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail at riot police was a protest against brutality used by police who broke up unlicensed parties in abandoned warehouses during the 1990’s. It is located high on a wall next to The Canteen Bristol, with the best views being from the Jamaica Street Junction. Banksy is arguably the world’s most famous graffiti artist, but no one knows his true identity. It has even been suggested that “Banksy” is a collective of artists. Whatever you believe, Banksy is hugely responsible for bringing street art into the mainstream.

Read more about street art in Bristol from Barbara

Best street art by the artist Banksy


Heidi of Heidi Siefkas

This piece by Cuban artist, José Füster, is my favorite and comes with a great backstory. In the 90s, a very difficult time in Cuba, Füster decided to create a masterpiece with mosaics in and on his home. Quickly, his art spread like wildfire. The neighbors wanted their homes decorated too. Now nearly thirty years later and with a team of artists, the street signs, bus stops, neighbors’ homes, and even the doctor’s office have mosaic facades and designs. The entire neighborhood of Jaimanitas has been transformed by his passion. Although this image does not show the grandeur of his three-story home nor the neighborhood, the rooster appears time and time again. Not only does he use the rooster as his signature, but also as a reminder to us all.

In 2013, I had the unique opportunity to speak to Füster about his use of the rooster. As I sat next to Füster, he explained that he cherishes the sound of the gallo. When he hears the morning crowing of a rooster, he is blessed with yet another day. In essence, his symbol encourages us to celebrate life each and every day.

If you are curious about Cuba, head on over to this post about Havana from Heidi.

Best Cuban street art by the artist José Füster


Charles of McCool Travel

I would not say that Nepal is a popular place for street art but the one mural I found was incredible. I walked a few miles in each direction from my hotel in Kathmandu but the only street art I saw was this wall mural almost directly across the street. Look how vivid and colorful this is. I would guess the theme is of an elder reflecting back on her youth.

Read more about Nepal from Charles

Best street art in Nepal of a woman dancing


Jamie of The Daily Adventures of Me

Stavanger is an industrial town on the Norway’s southwest coast. I visited during a road trip through Scandinavia. The main industry in Norway is oil. The Norwegian Petroleum Museum sits on the Port of Stavanger. In front of the museum is the GeoPark, completely made from the city’s first oil platform and parts used in the Petroleum industry. The parts have been turned into a functional playground. But it is also quite gorgeous street art set in front of the background of huge ships coming into the harbor. I love that street art is not only accessible to everyone, but also can be found in places we may least expect it and can be multi-functional. I don’t know that any one artist painted this park. I like to think that it was a loving effort of a town.

Read about Jamie’s road trip through Scandinavia.

Best street art from Norway provided by the Daily Adventures of Me


Julie of Fun in Fairfax VA

Vienna Virginia Railroad and Bike Trail Mural

My favorite street art is just a few miles from home in Northern Virginia, on a scenic bike trail that was once a historic railroad. The mural covers a block-long building in the small town of Vienna Virginia. It portrays a fun mix of past and present, combining a stylized train that once traveled here with the modern day bikes and pups who use the Washington and Old Dominion bike trail today. The mural’s location is part of the fun, as it sits next to a vintage red caboose and Vienna’s lovingly-preserved train station. Bikers and walkers can learn a little history as they relax on benches and admire this colorful street art. The Vienna mural was created by local artist Harris Miller, and members of the town pitched in to help complete the painting. The mural is too long to easily capture in one photo, but here is a look at my favorite section, complete with train, a waving bike rider, and an exuberant pup who is happily defying the town’s leash law.

Read more about Vienna, Virginia from Julie

Best street art of Virginia of a bike trail

Carl Hedinger – NC Tripping

Durham’s street art scene is pretty cool, but the Civil Right mural on Morris St. stands out to me. Not only is it just a beautiful creation, it tells the story of those who fought so hard for change in the Jim Crow-era South. Each section is a different dramatic recreation and you could spend hours just looking at this piece of art.

It’s hard to find if you’re driving, so I recommend parking in Downtown. If you’re staying nearby, find Morris St. and you can easily find the mural on foot or bike.

This volunteer-created piece sits on a wall next to the Durham Arts Council. To get your best view of it before cars fill up the lot in front of it, arrive before 9 am during the weekend and around 11 am on the weekends. The mural looks great any time during the day, with blue skies being nice behind it. Cloudy days would be good to add some drama behind the wall.

Photo Credit: Christina Riley of NC Tripping

Cory of You Could Travel

My favourite street art has to be in Bristol, UK. It is home to Banksy, the famed street artist who transforms clever political messages into fantastic art. Banksy is a Banksy is an anonymous England-based political activist who mastered the satirical street art. He has an incredible dark humour which captivated the imagination of countless Bristol residents and international travelers alike. There are Bristol tours where you can see his art, or better yet, you can download a Banksy map and do a self-walking tour. This was one of the first things we did when we moved to Bristol and we still recommend it as a fun day out. One of the most interesting things about Banksy is that although he’s been doing this for over 20 years and opened several exhibitions all around the UK, he still managed to remain unknown. So, for anyone interested in epic street art, awesome political messages and a distinctive stenciling technique, you need to head over to Bristol and go on a Banksy tour.

Read more about Bristol from Cory

Best street art in Bristol, UK by Banksy

Photo Credit: Banksy

Carol of Wayfaring Views

Ben Eine (or Eine) is a Londoner well known for elevating the art of graffiti. Traditionally, graffiti has been characterized gang tags which, while colorful, are often messy and hard to decipher. Eine has perfected the form with cheerful lettering and readable, meaningful messages. I first discovered his art on the Wabash corridor in Chicago where he lettered “harmony” onto the wall of a parking lot. It’s an ironic message for Chicago because the highly political culture of the city is often quite disharmonious.

I became an uber-fan of Eine when I found the above complex piece in an alleyway off of Shoreditch High Street in London. At first glance, the bright, bulgy lettering looks cute, but the message itself is quite sobering.

            “You Saw it in the Tears of Those Who Survived”

You can walk right on by and unless you stop to contemplate the piece, you will completely miss it’s meaning. Seeing it reminded me that I should always explore street art slowly in order to pick up the full context of the pieces.

See more street art of Shoreditch from Carol

Best street art in London by Ben Eine


Tom of Trip Gourmets

This is one of our favourite pieces of street art in our hometown of Basel in Switzerland. You can find it on Uferstrasse, right at the Rhein river. The whole area there is quite funky. There are some cool pop-up bars and a very creative alternative scene. Especially in summer, it’s a great spot to enjoy the sun, marvel at the street art and have a drink. We especially like this stencil art because it makes you think and ask questions. We wonder what this kid in particular is not allowed to say or doesn’t dare to say and why his body language is closed off to the world. The artist ALIAS from Berlin in Germany (@4L1A5 on Facebook) has some really great art and he concentrates especially on the tragedy of individuals. We love big colourful street art, but it’s those small, intimate pieces that really make us pensive.

Tom shares more to see in Basel Switzerland

Best street art of Switzerland by the artist ALIAS


Cathy and Frank from RoarLoud

I have been interested in street art for a while but when I saw this street art by Vhils I really fell in love with street art.  His art was unlike anything I had ever seen and opened my eyes to look for every kind of street art on my adventures. Sao Miguel was full of great art everywhere but this piece I will never forget.

More about the artist Vhils from RoarLoud

Best street in the Azores by the artist Vhils


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