Gorgeous rich colors and a distinctive style make Silly Sullys street art stand out.  We are honored to interview this talented Melbourne street artist.

tiger street art by street artist Silly Sully

I was a fan of street art long before I started arting, and I had a secret dream of being a creator. Living in inner Melbourne I was always drawn to the laneways and the things people sometimes do in them. When the quantity and quality of art in these laneways escalated in the 2000’s I was inspired and excited. These mazes became ephemeral outdoor galleries and I would spend days walking and taking photos of everything I could find, then post the best online.

I spent some time with a couple of emerging street artists 2014, and soon I was trying to put art up in the streets alongside them. Once I’d started I couldn’t just stop!

Nighthawk - Interview with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com

Artist: Silly Sully  Photo: Nicole Nighthawk Photography

Why are animals often your subject?

I think we forget that we are ourselves animals and we’re becoming increasingly detached from nature and what it means to be human. The animals we tend to bond with, like dogs, have an ability to empathise and love, and these animals are our last connection to the real world.

Cute Pug - Interview with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com

Artist: Silly Sully  Photo: @GlobalUrbanArt

Why is street art important?

Street art is the biggest art movement in history and it belongs to everyone. When it is not curated is completely honest and available to anyone on the street, free of charge. It is owned by the people who see it, and everyone can have a say or even engage In it directly.

Street artists are modern magicians toiling with a spell in secret, alone in a whirl of energy secretly creating something that the people may see as magical. And any creator does it.

Wolf and Owl - Interview with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com

Artist: Shalakattak in Valparaiso photo by Silly Sully

What is your favorite piece & why? It can be your own or someone else’s. If you know the meaning of the piece please explain.

My favourite piece of my own is the one I’m painting now, as I love the process and almost forget the piece once I’m done.

Nighthawk WIP Bromley Studio-L - Intervew with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com

My favourite piece by another artist is a portrait of the Dalai Lama in a Fitzroy laneway by Adnate with a graffiti piece by Slicer joining that appeared around 2006. Adnate’s portrait stands out as it gave me insight to the possibilities of realism in streetart and Slicer’s frantic deconstruction of colour and form made graffiti interesting to me for the first time. The way the combination worked together blew me away.

ADNATE SLICER - Interview with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com

ADNATE SLICER AWOL Fitzroy, 2009. Photo by Silly Sully

Who is your favorite street artist & why?

That is nearly impossible to answer!

It’s the artist in the streets arting anyway they can.

Artist in the Street - Interview with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com

Artist: Silly Sully  Photographers: @KingPedro27 @A.J.Wilko

Where is your favorite place in the world for street art ?  Also where would you like to create art next?


Can I say Melbourne again?

Anchorage to paint a team of sled dogs.

Hiding Wolf - Interview with Silly Sully - StreetArtChat.com