The culture and diversity of Brazil is undeniable.  This is reflected in everything about Brazil including it’s amazing street art.  Thanks to Scott for his shots of Brazilian Street Art, and sharing why you need to explore the street art of Brazil.


Scott relaxing in a Brazilan cafe

On my first visit to Brazil, I went to Sao Paulo, known to be an overcrowded city, but home to some of the most incredible street art I’ve seen. They have a designated area called ‘Batman Alley,’ but there’s also scattered pieces all around the city.

Alley of art in Sao Paolo

Beautiful art of all sizes decorate Sao Paulo.

Mural of music icons

Fantastic imagery of the icons of rock are just some of the artistic pieces that can be seen in Sao Paulo and surrounding areas.

Scott by one of the many vivid murals

Vivid colors and imagery surround you as you walk through the street art of Brazil

Gorilla with cigar street art

The wealth of street art to be found in Sao Paulo is amazing.  It seems like there is art around every corner you look of Brazil.

Scott posing by Aztec street art

Rich history of the Aztec finds it’s way into street art as well.

Janis Joplin mural in Sao Paulo

Janis Joplin is a fitting addition to the street art of Sao Paulo.

Mural of Brazilian boys facing away

Unique and imaginative art.  You can’t help getting caught up in searching for more pieces of art.

Einstein riding a bike mural

One of the most iconic pieces in the area.

Street art mural by artist Kobra

Ending with art including Jimi Hendrix seems right.  I hope you enjoyed this glimpse into the street art world of Brazil.  Be sure to check out other locations being added to Street Art Chat all the time.  Also be sure to check out the time of the next Street Art Chat on Twitter here.

A very big Thanks to Scott Eddy for providing his photos from Brazil.