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Here are some considerations:

  • The main focus of the post should be about the street art.
  • Only original posts that have not been published elsewhere will be accepted.
  • Minimum of 300 words **does not apply to photo essays and video blogs
  • Original photo essays or videos are highly encouraged.

The Submission Process

Please use the contact form to share an idea.

  1. Provide an intro. If you are new to StreetArtChat, please briefly introduce yourself and blog idea.
  2. Outline your idea. You don’t have to have a proposed title or a full post ready when you suggest the topic idea, but do let us know specifically what you have in mind.
  3. Submit your post. Once your post is accepted, please provide a bio with your blog link and two social media links, and clearly labeled photos/videos for the post.  **please indicate which photo or video goes in what location in the post
  4. Include a featured image .  Be sure to include a featured image and label it as featured image

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