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The Vibrant Street Art Scene in Santiago de Chile

Almost all South American cities provide canvases for street artists. Occasionally prosecuted, sometimes only tolerated, but nowadays street art is often officially commissioned and provides artists with an income. The best from all countries now work internationally and have their art on walls of most major cities in the world. When travelers think about street art in Chile most likely they think about the colorful port town of Valparaiso. But many artists from Valpo (as the locals call it) also find spaces in the capital Santiago to apply their work to. INTI is one of the world famous street...

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Pilgrimage to the Street Art of Bethlehem

A month before our Israel trip, Israel and Hamas had a small skirmish that left us wondering if we should cancel our trip to the troubled area. We were scheduled to go over the Christmas holiday, and had been looking forward to it for months. We decided to continue on with our trip, and we were both glad we did. After visiting both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, we wanted to visit Bethlehem, which is actually in Palestine. We took a public bus to the border crossing, and once on the other side, we hired a cab driver to show...

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An Amazing Tour Through Bogota’s Street Art

With artists gathering from all over the world as well as a strong street art community in Bogota, we felt as though our trip to Colombia’s capital would not be complete without learning a little more about what drives this creative movement in the city. Bogota is a street art lover’s dream, with hidden messages, love, culture, history, political views & much more, a lot can be told in the colorful, beautiful & detailed street art of Bogota. Bogota Graffiti Tours No.1 in street art tours in the city, we chose to take our street art tour with

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Underground Ink Block- Boston’s Urban Art Park

In an unlikely place in Boston, Massachusetts street art murals can be found.  Underground at Ink Block is an urban park that is below I-93 highway.  As you walk through the park cars zoom by overhead unaware of the art below them.  A space that was once useless and dark is now bright, colorful and an inviting place to visit. This park beautifully connects the South End with South Boston neighborhoods with landscaped paths.  The park is multi purpose with walking/biking paths, parking lot,  a dog park and great street art.  Take a fitness class, go for a bike...

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Introduction to the World of East​ ​London​ ​Street​ ​SmARTS: Street Art

In November of 2014, we went off-season to London. We focused on exploring small museums, artisan foods, ethnic restaurants, and the street art in East London. We were so mesmerized by the chaotic and eclectic vibe of East London from our 2014 street art tour that in the early fall of 2017 we decided to stay for a few days in this artsy area. The neighborhood is still filled with mom and pop shops, captivating scents of Indian/Pakistani food, and street art on and around every corner. In 2014, we signed up for a highly educational and entertaining street...

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